TextSoap 9 App Release Notes

TextSoap 9.4 supports macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.

9.4.2 (3171)


  • Added “Capitalize Lines with Lowercasing” cleaner variant


  • List editor brings back support for using copy/paste to export/import tab separated text rows.


  • Under certain conditions, text editor did not display text in macOS Sonoma.
  • Scrub / Straighten Quotes would give erroneous results under some situations.
  • Address one potential crash on launch when running on earlier versions of macOS.
  • Renaming a custom cleaner did not reflect change within custom groups that contained said custom cleaner.

9.4.1 (3154)


  • Make Paragraphs cleaner could crash. This also affected Scrub and Wrap Text cleaners.
  • Settings > General items are no longer clipped at bottom.

9.4 (3150)


  • Support for macOS 14 (Sonoma).
  • Settings (General) to play a sound when applying a cleaner.
  • Settings (Advanced) to use alt layout for tag text actions, for longer tags.

9.3.2 (3140)


  • In macOS 12, an obsure bug in “Hyperlinks to Text” action caused {text} to be replaced with specified pattern instead of actual text of link.
  • Under some conditions, groups were not imported correctly from exported libraries.
  • Clipboard Workspace was still displayed when app was launched in AgentMode (using hotkey, or other Agent UI to apply cleaner.
    • TextSoap requires it be launched as a standard app (at least) once after a version update. It will enforce this if necessary, then allow standard Agent Mode again (for invisible text processing with the Agent).


  • Action menu option to add find action’s settings to Search History
  • “Hyperlinks to Text” removes original link styling (color,underline)
    • Added new option to keep link styling

9.3.1 (3129)

  • Display number of matches in find panel.
  • Fixed crash under specific conditions when validating files for batch cleaning.

9.3 (3125)


  • Cleaner: Reset Tab Stops, available under Paragraph Rulers.


  • Improvements in rich text ruler tab handling.
  • No longer filters out null regex matches.
  • Sort Lines action now includes a Line Length option.
  • List editor navigation now supports tab, shift-tab, return, shift-return with wrap-around.
  • Updated Batch File Cleaning window:
    • New layout
    • Settings are saved between uses (with Reset Default button option)
    • Can specify additional file extensions, or exclusive file extensions to match
    • Improved handling of file encoding
  • Extract Characters action now counts grapheme clusters to better support Emoji and other multi-byte characters.
  • Reverse Characters in Each Word cleaner handles punctuation at end of word better.


  • Custom Text Encodings panel did not display properly in Dark mode.
  • In Sort Lines action, Regex-related text fields are enabled only when Use regular expression is selected.
  • Built-in HTML Group no longer has a duplicate entries.
  • Addressed potential display issue.

9.2.3 (3079)


  • Under some circumstances, text editor window was blank.

9.2.2 (3073)


  • Preview in Marked2 cleaner sends selected text to Marked2 Streaming Preview.
  • Text Editing Preference allow for specifying default font variations (Regular, Light, Medium, Bold)


  • Format Dates action could give incorrect results with predefined formats: DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Action custom titles were not maintained between app launches.

9.2.1 (3070)


  • Text Editing Preferences allow for selecting all fonts for plain text, not just monospaced fonts.
  • Renamed Date Formatter action to Format Dates.
  • Renamed HTML to Markdown to HTML Source to Markdown to clarify it works on HTML source.
  • HTML Source to Markdown text cleaner now supports more HTML tags in conversion.
  • Renamed Preferences to Settings for macOS 13 (Ventura).

9.2 (3065)

  • New: Find & Replace with List action.
    • Combines Process List & Find and Replace for most common usage.
  • New: Number Lines action.
  • New: Set Style action.
  • New: Date Formatter action.
    • Supports existing date formatting, ${DATENOW} expansion, time formatting, and custom date template with popup help.
  • New: Randomcase cleaner to randomize capitalization.
  • Fixed: If replacement text was blank, “Hyperlinks to Text” action could crash.

9.1.2 (3058)

  • Fixed: Problem when changing list values in table mode.

9.1.1 (3056)

  • Improved: Process List will skip empty rows in a list.
  • Improved: Cleaner Action list defaults to show both actions & cleaners.
  • Fixed: If Font Matches would not correctly match style of a font.
  • Fixed: Regression that prevented custom group items drawing in color.

9.1 (3050)

  • New: Duplicate, export, and delete options for individual items in MyLibrary.
  • New: Group editor supports drag-n-drop from cleaner list.
  • Improved: Group Editor editor improvements with selected items, dark mode.
  • Improved: Cleaner editor makes it easier to find category of actions with new action list.
  • Improved: Cleaner editor actions now draw category color swatches to be consistent with action list.
  • Improved: Group editor sidebar in sync with cleaner editor.
  • Improved: Title Case (Extended) - replaces TitleCase with Options - offers additional small words, special words options.
  • Improved: Title Case - specified special words will override any capitalization rules.
  • Fixed: App would always check for beta releases, now follows user preference.
  • Fixed: Text Editing Preference panel may get clipped on the bottom (#1377).
  • Fixed: Re-enabled customizing titles of actions.
  • Fixed: Invisible color and Line Color preferences now correctly recognized.
  • Fixed: Create Hyperlink URLs would sometimes do nothing.
  • Fixed: Title Case cleaner/action would sometimes incorrectly capitalize a small word.

9.0.5 (3020)

  • Fixed: Capitalize Sentences has improved handling of additional edge case.
  • Fixed: Fixup macOS name now handles “macos” and “MACOS” cases.
  • Fixed: MyLibrary cleaner/group name would not display correctly under macOS 12.
  • Fixed: Editing a comment on a ‘compact’ action could cause a crash (#1373).
  • Fixed: Window menu displayed incorrect name for MyLibrary (#1374).
  • Fixed: Custom cleaner comments do not appear as tooltips in cleaner list (#1372).

Direct Edition

  • Improved: Activation changes avoid potentional double-activation issue.

9.0.3 (3014)

  • Fixed: Bug that caused incorrect icons for toolbar actions: Copy All and Paste Over.
  • Fixed: Setapp edition was not handling some of the AppleScript commands

9.0.2 (3010)

  • Fixed: Batch file cleaning was not processing some text files.
  • Fixed: Incorrect error logged after successfully processing an RTF file.
  • Fixed: Toolbar, MyLibary window display issues when running in lower screen res macOS 10.x
  • Fixed: MyLibrary: issue that could cause an unwanted window tab.
  • Fixed: Randomize Lines (Unsort) and Invert Lines cleaners would not always work as expected.
  • Fixed: Custom groups were not always imported correctly from older libraries & databases.
    • You will need to delete and re-import.

9.0.1 (3004)

  • Fixed: TextSoap would not prompt user to review cleaners from previous database for import.

What’s New in Version 9.0

  • General
    • Apple Silicon support
    • Dark Mode support
    • New interface
  • New Custom Cleaner Actions
    • Define List action
      • Self contained lists items can be copied/pasted between cleaners
      • Lists can be defined anywhere within a cleaner.
      • Resizable List/Table editor
      • Define each list with 1 to 4 columns
      • Optional text-based editor allows editing list as tab-delimited text lines.
        • To edit as text, hold down option key when clicking edit button.
    • For Each Line action
      • Simplifies processing all non-blank lines
    • Perform Service action
      • Perform a macOS Service by name.
      • Several common services are provided in a popup menu.
    • Repeat Action
      • Repeat contained actions a specified number of times.
    • Process List action
      • Define variables for each row in selected list with your actions
      • Use special variables with Find/Replace, If Text Matches to quickly process mulitple find/replace
  • Updated Custom Cleaner Actions
    • Find & Replace action
      • Displays option values (m,s,w,x) for Regex matches
      • Regex option defaults to match lines
      • More prominent display of granularity for text finds
    • If Text Matches action
      • Search history option added
      • Insert special characters option added
      • Only displays valid capture groups, based on current regular expression.
    • Sort Lines action
      • New options added:
        • Match case
        • Ignore diacritic marks
        • Skip leading whitespace for comparison
        • Sort numbers as values
        • Use a regular expression for comparison
    • If-Match (aka Conditionals) actions
      • Modify results integrated into action (invert, skip, limit results of match)
    • Set Underline/Strikethrough action
      • New “By Word” option
    • Extract Characters action
      • Replaces Extract Beginning Characters, Extract End Characters, and Extract Middle Characters
  • New Cleaners
    • Ruler: Clear All Tab Stops - clear all tab stops from selected paragraph rulers.
    • New BBCode-related tag cleaners
    • Enable Ligatures, Disable Ligatures
    • Remove Line Numbers - removes line numbers at the beginning of each line.
  • Text Editor
    • Support for text editing with dark background in Dark Mode. (#1360)
    • Explicit option to use either Inspector Bar or old-style Ruler.
    • Cleaner groups popup more prominent
    • Sidebar is resizable
    • Improved handling of line numbers
    • When using Regex, each match selection also displays its
      • capture group list
      • replacement text result for each match
  • Groups Editor
    • New editor in a single window interface
    • You can use an existing group as a template when creating a new group
    • Item tags allow dynamically adjusting color for Light / Dark Mode
  • Cleaners Editor
    • More compact display for many actions
    • Container actions more visually distinct for better flow
    • Container actions show count of any contained actions
    • New color scheme for action categories
    • Disabled actions more prominent with strikeout title
    • Disabled actions no longer allow accidental editing
    • More robust auto resizing for actions with text fields
    • Preview window shows invisible characters in cleaned text preview
    • Improved open performance when cleaner contains larger number of actions
    • New find actions options set with text search preferences
  • New Preferences
    • Presentation
      • Appearance : use Light or Dark Mode or System theme
    • Text Editing Interactive Search Defaults:
      • Search type
      • Match Case option
      • Match Lines option (for Regex)
  • General Improvements
    • Pick cleaner window moves to active space
    • Showing horizontal ruler (when toggling between plain/rich text) no longer hides first few lines of text
    • Improved Regex syntax coloring to support Dark mode