Free TextSoap Companion App!

Clean text inside your favorite apps

Current Release Notes

For TextSoap 9

Ready for macOS 14 (Sonoma)

Supports macOS 10.15


TextSoap Agent (textsoapAgent) is a free, companion app for use with TextSoap 9. It provides some bonus integration functionality. This app works with all editions of TextSoap 9: Direct or Setapp. It interfaces to the installed edition of TextSoap 9 to provide you with great system-wide integration.

  • macOS Services

    Services provides you with contextual menu access within apps that support it. And we dug in deep and reworked the guts so now we can provide you not just with a single action in the contextual menu, but you can create a custom list of your top cleaners for instant access. Just keep them limited in number.

  • System menu (aka TextSoap Menu)

    A little TextSoap icon in your menubar provides you access to TextSoap features within your favorite apps. Again, while this can be done by hand (copy, clean clipboard, paste), the global menu lets you select text in your app and then select the cleaner to apply. And yes, it now works inside of Chrome and Brave browsers as well.

  • Global Hot Keys

    Additionally, you can configure a global hot key to perform a cleaner within your text. Yes, we managed to squeeze the copy, apply a specific cleaner, paste actions into a single hot key. There aren't as many open global hot keys as there once were, but if you find you are constantly applying the same cleaner, it will definitely save you time.

  • AppleScript

    Previously, ApplesScripts had to specifically target each edition of the TextSoap app. With the new textsoapAgent, you just use
    tell application "textsoapAgent"

    end tell

    and drive all your text cleaning commands without worrying about which version of TextSoap 9 is doing the work.