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Introducing TextSoap 9

Current Release Notes

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Ready for macOS 14 (Sonoma)

Supports macOS 11 (Big Sur)

Transforming Text Since 1998

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Core Features

Simple Interface

TextSoap has a modern interface. We stripped off all the “chrome” to focus on your content, whether you are working with text, or building custom cleaners.

TextEdit +

TextSoap focus is on processing text, but sometimes you need a text editor. That is why we include a standard TextEdit functionality, with additional options like: line numbers, invisible characters, toggling wrapping lines, statistics.

Built-in Cleaners

TextSoap offers up a large collection of more than 100 included cleaners. These cleaners can address your text issue completely, or serve as building blocks for a customized text cleaning solution.


Sharing cleaners means it is easier to create solutions for others, or use solutions others have created. New library files allow exporting multiple cleaners and groups within a single library file.

Custom Cleaner Editor

When you need a customized text processing solution, the powerful custom cleaner editor is here to assist. A action oriented outline lets you create custom text processing workflows.

Group Editor

Groups are collections of cleaners, both built-in and custom. Create groups to organize the cleaners you need for a project to provide quick access.

Some TextSoap 9 Highlights

Dark Mode Support

We redesigned TextSoap from top to bottom to look truly great in dark mode. Use the app preferences to set your preferred appearance.

Apple Silicon Support

With all the various components, it took a little extra work, but we are excited to run native on Apple Silicon. Juice up your text cleaning on Apple's latest Mac hardware.

Single Window Interface

We combined the multiple windows for editing custom cleaners, custom groups, importing and exporting into a single integrated experience.

For Each Line Action

One of the more common workflows includes process text one line at a time. While regular expressions can help, the new 'For Each Line Action' simplifies this tremendously. Each line is treated as its own text, further simplifying your text processing.

Sort Lines Action

The 'Sort Lines' action has been beefed up with all sorts of new options. Match case, skip whitespace, sort numbers as values and use a regular expression with a result template to sort your lines like never before.

List-related Actions

Lists allow you to use a table of data to repeat an action for each row. This makes it easier to use repetitive find and replace. Define a List with your data. Then Process a List, iterating through each row and using that data when applying various actions.

Free Companion App

textsoapAgent integrates TextSoap with your favorite apps:

  • System-wide access ( TextSoap Menu )
  • macOS Services
  • Global Hot Keys
  • AppleScript

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