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TextSoap 9 ready for macOS 14 (Sonoma), Supports macOS 10.15

TextSoap 9 Individual

(up to 2 Macs)

Single License
Single user, activation up to 2 Macs: Desktop + Laptop


TextSoap 9 Family Pack

(up to 5 Macs)

Family License
Up to 5 activations within one household
Not intended for business users.


More Options

Single User/Family Pack Upgrades

Discounted Upgrades available
Customers of previous version of TextSoap single user or Family Pack license can upgrade at a discount.

Setapp Subscription

TextSoap plus over 200 other apps. Free upgrade, no extra fees, no ads. Just $9.99/mo for the Setapp subscription service for Mac and iOS apps.

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