TextSoap Agent Release Notes

TextSoap Agent is built for macOS 12 (Monterey). Supports macOS 10.11.

9.1 (2570)

  • New: Cleaning is now done exclusively through keyboard drivers using cmd-C, cmd-V.
    • Better support for Electron-based apps.
    • Supports apps using cmd-C, cmd-V, cmd-A to copy/paste/select text.
  • New: Link to TextSoap 8, Advanced Preference option
    • Replaces textsoap8Agent, textsoap8Menu.
  • New: Supports macOS 10.11 (for Link to TextSoap 8 option)
    • Note: Some features may not be available on older versions of macOS.
  • New: Keyboard driver will attempt Select All/Copy if initial Copy within an app does not work.
  • New: Brought back support for showing group menu for hotkeys.
  • New: Support for additional keyboard layouts (like Dvorak).
  • Fixed: Can now read older shared group data format.
  • Fixed: Agent now properly adopts user preference for check beta releases.
  • Fixed: Displaying popover using global shortcut always defaults to specified cleaning behavior (apply within app).
  • Fixed: Prevents potential crash if shared data wasn’t found from main app.
  • Fixed: Popover group list now reflects group changes.

9.0.4 (2546)

  • Fixed: Preference > App Control changes were not properly updated.

9.0.2 (2544)

  • Fixed: Properly remove dynamic service items when “Install Custom Service items..” is unchecked.
  • Fixed: Indicator when group is empty or does not contain any valid items in Services panel.
  • Fixed: textsoapAgent now incorporates cleanFile AppleScript command.

9.0.1 (2541)

  • Fixed: Fixed sizing issue with Global Shortcuts Preferences
  • Fixed: Removed spacer in prefs toolbar, which system accidentally highlights


What’s New

New textsoapAgent: a separately downloaded app works with all variants of main TextSoap app. A new mechanisms provides a more robust and efficient interaction between agent and the main app for significantly better cleaning performance.

  • General
    • Apple Silicon support
    • Dark mode support
    • Optionally preserves clipboard content when cleaning
    • Support for Chrome, Brave, and VS Code
    • Option to drive user-specified apps with keyboard
  • TextSoap Menu
    • New popup display
    • Searchable cleaner list
    • Options to determine how to proceed with processed text
      • clean within the current app
      • clean clipboard contents
      • copy from current app, leave results on the clipboard
  • Global Hot Keys
    • Trigger single cleaner action
    • Display list of cleaners from custom group
  • AppleScripting
    • Automate text cleaning with AppleScript support
  • macOS (OS X) Services
    • Services support has been reworked
    • Optional standard service item (presenting dialog to select cleaner)
    • Customizable cleaner service items based on custom group